Fun Facts: DOGS

This is the first book in a new series of interactive and educational reference books for young readers written by Robin Akawi, and illustrated by Jazmine Akawi.

Fun Facts: DOGS is a fun, informative and interactive book that launches younger readers into the world of dog breeds, with some special added twists. The reader will experience features and characteristics similar to encyclopedias and other reference books, with an accessible amount of information compared to larger, more complicated, possibly overwhelming reference books. The special twists include unique dog illustrations done by a child artist, Jazmine Akawi, along with games and activities found throughout the book.

Both the text and activities are based on a reading and cognitive level for Grades 1 and 2, but the book can be read to or with younger readers (i.e., Kindergarten) and will be engaging to independent readers (Grade 3 and above). Children will adore the pictures of the dogs, have fun learning about them, and get engaged with the games and activities. Even adults who have read Fun Facts: DOGS have noted they enjoyed the illustrations and learned things about dogs that they never knew before. Isn't that a characteristic of a great book, when everyone who reads the book gets something from it?

One other distinctive feature of Fun Facts: DOGS is that there are research based components incorporated that help foster higher learning. These components include specific prompts for both thinking and reflecting. These valuable strategies and skills are vital to becoming a self-regulated learner. This is important because it has been found in numerous research studies that children who are self-regulated learners tend to do better academically than those who have a lesser developed level of self-regulation skills and strategies. Therefore, there are multiple opportunities to practice these strategies and skills throughout the book.

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